Thursday, December 1, 2022

Book Review - The Man Who Tasted Words by Guy Leschziner

Using it so I understand everyone's not understanding of my experience of the world. For understanding the sensory differences that really have the totally huge impact on my way of being. The way the understanding to mom seems to be better now. That's so valuable. That's not some small thing. Love the way this book thinks. To want people to understand you when your senses work differently, you try to explain, to make people get it, to wish for understanding. This book explains it so well. I recommend it to everyone, makes perfect gift.

Monday, November 28, 2022

Winter As I See It







We are making the most of winter, doesn't mean that it's good.

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Learning Hard And Amazing New Skills

I am learning to mouth talk. It's really fun. The best part is reading so many interesting articles. Everyday I read something new. Seems teaching mouth talking takes time. There is so much to practice. There is hard work ahead. However I am a patient hard worker. Time is only long when learning is boring. 


Friday, April 9, 2021

A New Ending for "The Adventures of Isabel"

Isabel, Isabel, you're so mean
Isabel, what a monster you've been
The monster has no fear
Extremely evil and severe
It's time to try to make change
Learning to be nice very strange
Isabel, Isabel, didn't worry
Isabel didn't scream or scurry
Happy times to read ahead
Shame past when sorry fed

Thursday, April 1, 2021

5 Principles Important To Life

 It makes life so amazing to live by these principles:
  1. Be very educated.
  2. Use a letterboard if you can't speak with your mouth. 
  3. When you need help, ask.
  4. Real accomplishment takes time, be patient. 
  5. Start learning small steps at a time. It will add up.  

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

The Friar Lawrence Pep Talk For Spring Flowers

For variable Spring you started growing too quickly

You were too eager

You were too impulsive

Turn that frown upside down!

You have space to grow


You're making it against all odds


You start the spring as the only 

bright thing in a brown world


Poor you

Now get up

Go to

Have heart

The sun will come to melt the snow


Wednesday, December 2, 2020

West Wind Finds His Way


I'm very much the morning

not in the west. Yet

From the start

you see me 

rolling in from there.

South is the warm one

North is the cold one

routes are crossing here 

from time to time.

Whooshing not roaring

roaring too much.

The snow really

muffles the sound

Silent winter

snow shines so white

white is 

swirling around me. 

Kissing the snow

maybe too cold for others

maybe too harsh

not for me.

sometimes I like to 

Stop as I'm blowing 

to see the 

wonders of the forest.

All of the wonders

are buried

under so much snow

Trees try to resist me

but no leaves makes it hard

Seeing only white mounds

seeing only happy squirrels

I try to stop

try to move the snow

not pausing in trip

just trying to warm up

If I warm up,

it warms up 

all around me.

Say what's that?

Get up, stop lying there!

Tall but thin


Tame and peaceful.

I'm going to say hello,

Taffy Tree, How do you do?

Oh my! 

are you the 


that's warm!? 

You feel exquisite.

Taffy Tree it's magical here.

Especially spring time.

Happy to visit again then. 

Taffy Tree, don't go away!


You feel the air

It's not warm 

but not cold

Maybe West is here

Yes quite cool.

Taffy Tree Taffy Tree

Wow! The snow is gone!

Really incredible.

The ground has come to life.

It's happening Taffy Tree

I see a digging mole

I see a rabbit hopping

I see the leaves peeping out

of their buds!

I hear the birds

singing to each other.

The sounds that mean

Here I am!

Do the birds 

want to stay?

North carried 

them very far.

It's four in the morning 

they are so loud

Natural orchestra of music

so frightening and magical!

Yesterday there was silence

today there's 

percussion, melody, chimes

all around me

West, it's lucky timing.

It's becoming

not existing

It's on

not off

It's paving the way

It's having that 

alive feeling

Taste the air

It's part North

and part South

The parts are making a tornado of senses

Nothing we can do 

but watch and wait

Time to go!

I have to keep moving.

That's the wind's way.

Taffy Tree

Talk to you soon!

The South wind

is trying to get here

it's finally feeling warm!

Take care West!


Finally I'm back!

The forest has awoken!

Yes Taffy Tree

Please come out!

It's here!

The summer.

Magnificent green everywhere

All around me

it is full of life.

Under the growth

Taffy Tree is hidden

So hidden among the leaves.

Oh amazing Taffy Tree!

Pipsqueak in the 

massive green ocean.

Wearing your best suit.

Somewhere in there

Water trickles

Time stands still

Always wearing

Sweat of summer.

Very garish!

That medieval wood

That very busy wood

That hard to move 

through wood!

Help me!

Taffy Tree!

It's me

returning to see you!

Show yourself 

Taffy Tree!

It's hard to see

There's too much

Something's in the way

The breeze

tells me a story!

Tastes like 

Part South

and part North.

Ants and Snakes

Hard to avoid

Mosquitoes and Gnats.

Sounds to listen to

Sounds to feel,

with vibrating air.

Sounds to make

soaring through 

the leaves.

I'm sad to go,

South is pushing me on!


to miss you

Taffy Tree!

Show yourself!

Tell me your place

in the crowd!

Save the

Tall tales 

for the yellow leaves

time of year.

I will see you then.

Wind waits for 

No one!


At last I found you! 

Taffy Tree!

Look at you!

Unbelievable, so beautiful!


I am the same Taffy Tree

you met seasons ago. 

Teach me how 

to change colour!

I'm happy to share

Use your time tested leaves 

to cautiously... 

Wind have no leaves!

Fear not!

I will share.

Try to create 

a whirlwind. 

Feel my twirling storm!

Use my powerful breeze!




Use it!


Try on my leaves!

Your yellow takes to the sky!




Your yellow 

is a part of me!

Your only 

instruction worked.

I'm so beautiful!

Try to never 


Swirling so fast!

Too fast!

Losing steam.

Too bad!

Will the quite 

WILD leaves 

return to you Taffy Tree?

That's too much 

to ask!

They gave it 

their all!

Really sorry! 

Some seasons

are unfair!

Yellow Leaves Time 

is a part 

of life.

Are you scared 

to lose 

your leaves 

Taffy Tree?!

It's time West

Time to shake 

the rest off.

The taste of snow 

is in the air.

It's been a pleasure.

You're really not 

feeling a loss?

The cycle is complete!

When we met 

I looked so bare.

The life cycle goes

around and around.

Very sad to say

that it's time for me

to return west.

May I go with you West?

That's not possible Taffy Tree.

You need the soil

and I need the sky.

Perhaps you can visit 

next year.