Friday, September 18, 2020

In The Memory

Gold green
need gravity
cries tiny amount
time makes me
the ethereal ghost waiting
to matter and be noticed
making a glow erratic on the sky
meaning intelligent
existing randomly

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Graduation Day Poetry

The Learning School

Hell in school
Loud mean looks
Quit stop no
No stop quit

Hell in mind
Mean loud sounds
No stop quit
Stop no quit

Don’t learn
Try hard
Makes no difference
Not a good student

It made no sense
Don’t make noise
Don’t run around
Don’t be you

It’s sometimes hard to not simply give up
It’s hard but not impossible

I only started learning 
When I stopped Going to school

Time to make noise
Time to run around
Time to be me
Time to learn

The learning school
Reading school
Science school
Math school

Whatever it can be school

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Lesson on Snowy Garden

It is an in between Time
Testing Time
Magical Time
Time to hide
Time to sleep
See-saw sitting Time
Time to show
That it's 
Time to grow
Stop the snow
No no no
Winter or spring
Hot or cold
Young or old
It is an in between Time

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

My Quilt

This is my first quilt. I needed to learn how to tie knots. It is a lasting skill with me now. Taste of independence felt amazing. That's not an everyday feeling for me. It is a nice, soft blanket and I made it. That feels good. 

The squares of my quilt tell a story. The purple tells about the way I can say so much with just a finger. When I look at purple I think of flowers and grapes and fruit roll-ups. All with no words said. The nature lover that I am, the flowers then the blue represent a sunny day. To me, the best kind of day. As a kind loving big brother, the pink is my talkative, wonderful sister. That is the story of my quilt. 

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Sled Hiking

I am an inventor. I took my sled on a hike and invented sliking (sled hiking). Happily Ruby stayed home yesterday so I showed her how to slike. Then she helped me write the sliking rules. 

Rules of Sliking by Fox and Ruby

  1. Use sitting like criss cross applesauce. 
  2. Walk uphill, sled downhill. 
  3. You wear warm mitts. 
  4. Use your arms to propel yourself. 
  5. Share sled. 
  6. Hold on for dear life. 
  7. Not leaning too much. 
  8. If it looks dangerous don't do it. 
  9. Far sliking not for faint of heart. 
  10. Be patient, be prepared to go slow. 
  11. A Tim Horton's trip after is a must. 
  12. Have fun! 

Monday, November 25, 2019


Happy to try new kinds of poetry. I tried a blackout poem. It is challenging because words are limited. 

Friday, November 15, 2019

Political Cartoon

At hearing that I am to make a political cartoon, I felt worried it wouldn't be possible. I'm not an amazing artist yet and my idea was difficult to draw. I wrote instructions to say what to draw. I then asked artistic dad to help me make it. It makes me so happy to see my idea there on paper. Dad is terrific artist. Simply amazing. 

This is my political cartoon about old ideas about autism stuck in the minds of worthy, lost people. Can unlock and let new ideas in by listening to letter talkers.